This is the post excerpt.

Hello! Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Welcome to Family Brews.  You are joining our community at our very first post.  So please take a seat and relax.  Crack open a cold one and enjoy as we explain exactly what is going on in this little corner of the world and the ever expanding internet.

Family Brews© is a concept, an idea in its infancy, to begin and start a brewery from the ground up.  We invite you to join us as we nurse this idea from its infancy to maturity as we move from homebrewing to bigger and better operations and distributions. We envision a family tree of distinct and great beers for the Raleigh and Triangle Area and will be working towards providing this service to you all. Along the way we will post blogs on here periodically about our progress, about our recipes, and about our journey to opening our brewery.  As our readers you are invited to join us on this adventure and hopefully take some enjoyment, advice, and hopefully a good tasting beer home (at the very least).  All in all we hope this opportunity will inspire you all dear readers to keep on striving for good beer and good times.

Thank you for joining us.  And if I may say so, Welcome to the family.


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